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Living Free Counseling Center offers private counseling sessions, scheduled by appointment.

The facility is located in a residential area and is a place of peace, hope and rest for those who come. We maintain strict privacy considerations and rely on the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to set people free. For private counselees, after an initial session, we determine the appropriate course of action and develop a customized ministry plan for each person. This might involve one or more sessions, administering temperament testing, providing biblical counsel or ministering deliverance and inner healing. 

At the Center, we minister to the whole person, body, soul and spirit.  This ministry focuses on bringing total healing and victory; we do not focus on symptoms and trying to teach people how to cope with their problems. We believe and operate in the biblical mandate and authority given to believers to heal the sick, set the captives free and release the oppressed through deliverance (Matthew 10:8, Luke 4:18). We believe that counseling is most effective when strongholds and bondages in a person’s life are first removed. At that point the client is able to receive and act upon solid biblical truths that they were powerless to follow before.

"Break Free" Deliverance seminars are scheduled on a bimonthly basis and are a less expensive alternative to private counseling. These three-day seminars involve practical teaching based upon biblical truths and years of experience, homework assignments and individual prayer ministry by our group of trained and anointed team members

Our philosophy of ministry is to respect the integrity and individuality of each person and to minister the love, truth and power of the Holy Spirit in each situation.

Our History

Drs. Paul and Claire Hollis have been counseling and ministering inner healing/deliverance since 1989. Their desire is to see the body of Christ set free from any enemy stronghold in their lives. Since it’s inception, the Lord has used this ministry to heal up the wounded and set people free from every type of bondage. They began ministering with Benny Hinn in Orlando, FL in 1989 and then moved into private counseling at a large Tampa Bay church. At one point, over three hundred people were on a waiting list for private counseling so they began some group sessions. They also ministered at area churches as the Lord continued to bless and grow the ministry. 

Over the years, Paul and Claire have ministered nationally and also in Fiji, St. Thomas and Israel. People from every denomination, including Baptists, Catholics, Charismatics, Pentecostals, Messianic Judaism and Evangelicals have come to be powerfully set free by this ministry. The Hollis’ desire has been not only to minister healing and deliverance but also to equip others to do the same. To meet that objective, the School of Deliverance and Warfare Academy were established to provide onsite training and equipping. The "School of Deliverance" is targeted to those who want to learn more about ministering deliverance prayer and healing to others. Warfare Academy offers accredited MA & Ph.D. degrees in Clinical Christian Counseling. Warfare Academy is a Certified Academic Institution for the National Christian Counselors Association.

Living Free Church was inaugurated in the same facility in January, 2001 in response to counselees from the center who had not been attending a church. In January also the ministry acquired land next to the existing building for expansion purposes.  Later that same year we established the Warfare Academy. 

Beginning in February of 2004, the Healing Rooms of Tampa Bay began ministering out of the facility and offers healing prayer to all who come. Staffed by trained volunteers, this independent ministry is affiliated with the International Association of Healing Rooms out of Spokane, WA.