Deliverance Process

Deliverance Ministry Process

The Holy Spirit leads each counseling session and we follow a model that typically serves as a helpful structure to best meet our client’s needs.   For most clients, a five session format (seven total for a couple) is typical. 

Session 1:  Interview

- Issues/behaviors that the client wants addressed

- Understanding of client background and family history.

- Two interview sessions are scheduled for couples.


Session 2:  Teaching, plus client homework assignment

- “Open Doors for Demonic Torment”

- “Strongholds List” and “Open Doors” list

- Receive Warfare Prayers handouts (Daily Warfare Prayer; Evening Warfare Prayer)


Session 3:  Teaching, plus client homework assignment

- “How to Close the Open Doors”


Session 4:  Personal Deliverance Prayer

- Typically a two hour session

- Individual, personal prayer

- Spouses/couples are prayed for separately.


Session 5:  Teaching

- “How to Stay Free”


Additional Sessions: 

- Follow-up ministry/counseling as appropriate. 


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