Deliverance Training

The Holy Spirit has guided the Hollises through the years to create an extremely effective process to set the captives free from the strongholds of the enemy. Following years of successful deliverance ministry, Drs. Paul and Claire Hollis developed a training program to equip others in the process that their ministry follows. This process has been made available in an information-packed, three day hands-on training program.

If you are new to the deliverance ministry or the process of deliverance and would like to learn more about it, please visit our Living Free Counseling center website to understand how Christians can be afflicted with demonic strongholds. Or if you are seeking to better understand the process that this ministry follows for deliverance, please click here. We offer deliverance to people wanting to be set free from the grip of the enemy through private counseling, or our "Break Free" group deliverance seminars. Both have proven to be extremely effective over the decades of this ministry setting literally thousands of people free throughout our country and the world.

The deliverance training provides education to those wishing to learn to minister deliverance and help set others free. Many people who complete our deliverance program go on to take the training itself because of the freedom they have personally experienced.

The first step in deliverance training is the School of Deliverance. This three-day on-site training program provides everything necessary to learn our process of deliverance and how to see the power of God set people free.

Many people who complete the School of Deliverance want to learn even more, and so the Advanced School of Deliverance has been designed for those wanting to understand even deeper truths regarding how God can deliver people from the strongholds of the enemy.

We do ask that anyone wishing to enter the School of Deliverance has already gone through deliverance themselves through our Living Free Counseling deliverance ministry. Then the School of Deliverance will be a much more effective training grounds for learning this ministry process. The School of Deliverance is a prerequisite for enrolling in the Advanced School of Deliverance.