Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is Living Free Counseling located?

A: We are physically located at 3405 W. Kenyon Ave., Tampa, FL 33614.

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Our mailing address is 3405 W. Kenyon Ave., Tampa, FL 33614


Q: What is Living Free and why do I see reference to it on this website?

A: Living Free Counseling is a ministry of Living Free, Inc. Living Free is what we call our "umbrella" ministry over many others, including our counseling center. Living Free was started by Drs. Paul and Claire Hollis as a deliverance ministry many years ago. As the ministry grew, so did the need for a better organizational structure, and so Living Free Counseling Center was formed.


Q: How do I know if I should go through deliverance counseling?

A: If you have struggled unsuccessfully for victory over addictions, anger, depression, fear, lust, perversions, pornography, suicidal thoughts, and more, then you should consider deliverance.


Q: I am a Christian; how can demonic activity be in my life?

A: At salvation, we are born again with a new spirit. Our "soul" man (mind, will and emotions) is typically unaffected. This is the part that God wants to make whole through sanctification and deliverance. Deliverance is one aspect of the sanctification process.  Click Here to learn more about how a Christian can have demonic strongholds.


Q. Can’t God just set me free through prayer, bibles study, fasting or some other spiritual discipline?

A: This ministry is based upon doing what Jesus did (and what he commanded his followers to do...Mk 16:15-19), which was setting the captives free through healing and deliverance. All spiritual disciplines are important in helping us grow in maturity and knowledge of Christ. Deliverance serves to remove many of the roadblocks and hindrances to pressing ahead in health and power!


Q: How does this differ from what I consider regular counseling?

A: We believe biblical counseling is most effective once a person has been set free from strongholds and bondages. We have seen God do more in one deliverance session than years of counseling have been able to accomplish.


Q: I am not a Christian; should I go through deliverance counseling?

A: Deliverance ministry deals with, among other things, "ownership" and "legal rights". The bible is clear in defining the choices man has. We are either in Christ, as believers, or we are not. If we belong to Christ, then we can begin the process of closing the open doors, removing the enemy’s legal rights and ultimately kicking him out through deliverance! Everyone should consider going through deliverance.  However we believe that you need to believe Jesus Christ is your personal Lord and Savior for it to be effective.  So we ask everyone to receive Jesus into your heart prior to deliverance.


Q: Can a Christian be demon-possessed?

A: Born again believers in Christ belong to Christ and cannot be "possessed" by the enemy. Christians can be, and frequently are, oppressed by demonic spirits and these spirits can indwell them.  Click Here to learn more about how a Christian can have demonic strongholds.


Q: What is the financial consideration?

A: Private Counseling sessions are charged by the hour. The cost is based upon total household income, and ranges between $60 and $100 per hour.  Contact us for specific costs of individual counseling. 


Q: What other ministries are part of Living Free?

A: The ministries of Living Free are below:

 Our umbrella ministry of Living Free.

 Our Christian Counseling center.

 Our school for deliverance, Christian counseling and degrees.

 Our healing rooms.