Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the Warfare Academy located?

A: We are physically located at 3405 W. Kenyon Ave., Tampa, FL 33614.

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Our mailing address is 3405 W. Kenyon Ave., Tampa, FL 33614


Q: What is Living Free and why do I see reference to it on this website?

A: Warfare Academy is a Certified Academic Institution as part of the Living Free, Inc. Living Free is what we call our "umbrella" ministry over many others, including the Warfare Academy. Warfare Plus was started by Drs. Paul and Claire Hollis as a deliverance ministry many years ago. As the ministry grew, so did the expansion into formalized education and training facilities and on-line programs for the equipping of Christians in the deliverance ministry and Christian counseling.


Q: What other ministries are part of Living Free?

A: The ministries of Living Free are below:

 Our umbrella ministry of Living Free.

 Our Christian Counseling center.

 Our school for deliverance, Christian counseling and degrees.

 Our healing rooms.


FAQs Regarding Our Deliverance Training:

Q: What is the "School of Deliverance"?
A: This is the first level of deliverance training that we offer. It is a three day training course on-site at our facility in Tampa, FL In order to take the course, you are asked to first go through our deliverance program through the Living Free Counseling Center.

Q: What is the "Advanced School of Deliverance"?
A: This is a new program started in 2006 where students who have previously completed the School of Deliverance may gain additional, advanced training in specific areas. Topics will include ministering to those in addictions, physical sickness and infirmities, depression and more. There will also be a "Question and Answer" session.

Q: Will I receive deliverance prayer during the training?
A: The purpose of the class is to train and equip. As part of the training process, students will "practice" on each other under the supervision of the instructor. They do not receive complete deliverance ministry themselves during this session. Students are asked to attend the 5-Step Deliverance Counseling School or go through private deliverance with one of our counselors prior to the deliverance training.

Q: What is the financial consideration?
A: Registration for the 5-Step Deliverance Counseling School and the School of Deliverance is $195 and includes course materials, snacks and lunch on Saturday. The registration is also $195 for the Advanced School of Deliverance. Thank you for contributing to this ministry!

Q: Do I receive a certificate?
A: Yes. Your certification in deliverance training will include a certificate of completion signed by Drs. Paul and Claire Hollis. Also, if desired, they will write a letter to your pastor indicating that you have successfully completed the School of Deliverance or Advanced School of Deliverance.

Q: I have questions about the deliverance ministry - where can I find out more about it?
A: Follow the links to find out more about how Christians can be afflicted by demonic strongholds as well as our deliverance process to see the power of God set people free.