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Paranormal Activity is misunderstood by many people today.

There are invisible forces that affect the atmosphere, humans, and buildings. We must know how to engage in spiritual warfare to offset them.

The Bible clearly states that the things we struggle with are not against flesh and blood. Attend our annual School of Paranormal Activity and learn how to identify the legal access of the Paranormal Activity, and then how to rid yourself of it.

  • This demonic activity will follow a person. It will go with the person from place to place and they cannot run from it.
  • Demonic activity could be your home, church, or any other building. Discover the legal right that the spirit has to be there and then find out how to expel it.
  • Demonic activity could be a particular city or even a region. It could be a region within a city. There are different activities that they perform and discover how to pull these strongholds down.

This registration is $195 which includes course materials, snacks and lunch on Saturday.  Payment by cash, check or credit card is accepted.