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Private Counseling

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Living Free Counseling Center offers counseling services and inner healing/deliverance prayer to help set people free from every type of bondage, including fear, panic attacks, depression, addictions, eating disorders, pornography, perversions, suicidal torment and more!

Our philosophy of personal ministry is to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to bring revelation and insight into what the sources of people’s problems are. We believe in addressing and resolving the root problems, not just dealing with symptoms and behaviors. Whatever the issue, we apply biblical truths, proper Christian counseling techniques and, most importantly, the power of God to set people free!

Some individuals/couples may simply require biblical counseling and wisdom to help them get their lives back on track. We have clinical tools, including the Arno Profile System to help people understand their God-given temperament strengths and weaknesses and to best change behaviors and practices. 

Often times, however, people come to this ministry who have tried medications, counseling (secular and/or pastoral), received repeated prayer or ministry to gain freedom from powerful strongholds and bondages in their lives. Victory has been temporary at best or been totally elusive. These strongholds include issues like depression, fear, anxiety, panic attacks, addictions, anger, infirmities, lust or perversions.

We believe that individuals, including Christians, can be tormented by demonic strongholds at work in their lives. We also believe that while the demonic kingdom is set to kill, steal and destroy, Christ won the victory and we can have an abundant life (John 10:10).  In the gospels, Christ gave authority to his disciples (and by extension, to his church!) over sickness and demonic strongholds.  It is not God’s will that believers have sickness and bondages in their lives!  People must be delivered from demonic strongholds...they can not be counseled out nor reasoned out.  The Lord led us to develop a deliverance process to lead people through. Note that it is a process (not a procedure!) which is thorough, led by the Holy Spirit and that leads to effective results for many people!

God gave man a free will...and demonic spirits are not behind every wrong thing in our lives. Our desire is that people get set free so they can move ahead in their walk with God and begin to enjoy the blessings of their inheritance as children of the King!

The first counseling session is an interview where the client describes the issues and the counselor diagnoses the problem and determine a plan of ministry. 

The appointment frequency is flexible but typically occurs on a weekly basis. However, many want to move more quickly or come in from out of town and we can schedule the appointments over three or four days.

Both in-person and online counseling sessions are available. Online appointments will be conducted via either GoToMeeting or Zoom.

Payments for counseling sessions are via donations based on Total Household Weekly Gross Income. You can make that donation here or in-person.